Principal : Mr. Rohitashva Dudi
School is the place where we prepare the future of the nation. The teaching fraternity plays a pivotal role in framing disciplined society. The teachers are the yarn makers that thread to maintain the ambience of the earth. No doubt teaching is the only profession that teaches all the professions. We are extremely glad to have this quality to build a healthy society. We have produced a commendable board result in the last session. We have a vision to establish a school of dream where both the students and teachers should feel at home, where international luxurious should be mixed with fragrance of Indian soil. That dream comes true in the form of GIS.
I thank and congratulate the editorial board of our school strived continuously to bring out the fourth edition of our school's Annual Magazine "GIS SUNSHINE". I thank all the teachers, parents, students and school management for their positive cooperation. Wish you all the very best session 2023-24.